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Jewellery valuations


We can offer you a valuation service by a registered valuer which is the best way of valuing your jewellery. With this service your jewellery will be photographed, tested and logged onto your very own manual and CD of your jewellery inventory. Hallmarks are photographed, metal is tested, diamonds are examined so as to detail their exact colour, clarity and cut and this service makes handling any insurance company easier after a robbery. We highly recommend this service and it is only after a misfortunate event such as a robbery, that the importance of detailing your jewellery items becomes apparent.

Post Loss

If you have had a robbery and you need a list of jewellery and its value estimated, please call to Gerry Browne Jewellers who will help you with this matter.

Probate Valuation

A value may need to be put on jewellery belonging to a deceased person before it is divided out among family or sold.