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Citizen – Not Just A Watch

Do you challenge your limits?    Are you someone who goes DEEPER, HIGHER or FURTHER?  Citizen’s professional sports watches take performance to a higher level to meet the needs of the pros who blaze the trails others follow.  Beyond your imagination.  PROMASTER The Technology of Promaster   When you are pushing yourself to your limits, you will only be as good as the equipment you bring with you on that journey. Promaster embodies the spirit of innovation.  It is a watch for professionals who challenge their limits.  That’s why it always... Read More


Pearls – Why They Can Always Be Relied Upon

Did you ever look at an old string of pearls, maybe belonging to your Grandmother, and just wonder what is the full story behind them.  Sometimes you are told the story and other times you have to imagine it.  That is the magical power that pearls have over us.  This beautiful gemstone encourages us to dream and tap into long lost memories.  Immune to fashion trends, the pearl has remained one of the most popular organic gemstones in the world. What is it about Pearls? Think of any special occasion... Read More


Wear Jewellery That Defines Who You Really Are

Why don’t you give it a go.  Express yourself and try not to be a dedicated follower of fashion.  You are a very unique person so why try to look like everybody else?  We urge you to reveal your true personality and style and show the world who you really are.   You will be amazed at the reaction. What Does Your Jewellery Say About You Your jewellery can most definitely make a huge statement about who you are.  Are you a flamboyant character who loves colour and loud statement pieces... Read More


Are You Brave Enough To Choose Your Engagement Ring, Alone?

We say go for it.  Any person who plans a romantic proposal unknown to their partner  has had great success.  The surprise story will go down in your history as a couple forever.  How did your partner propose will be discussed for many years to come and will be a lovely story to tell your family.  We will come with you on that journey and we will hold your hand and help you make it a great love story. Lifetime of Love Many years after the big event, your rings... Read More

Niece First Holy Communion 02/05/2018

Choosing a Communion Gift For Your Niece That Makes Memories

  In 50 years time when your niece is opening up her jewellery box she comes across a beautiful gift and remembers you.  This jewellery box has travelled all over the world with her and at certain times she thought of you.  Lets explore what you can give your niece for her First Holy Communion, that will stay with her for a lifetime. Money is Fleeting You know when you receive money from a relative it can be difficult to remember what you actually spent that money on. There is... Read More