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Engraving: It is a lovely gesture to personalize a gift and we can do this for you. Please allow up to 72 hours for items to be engraved and dispatched. 

Jewellery Repairs
At Gerry Browne Jewellers we have our very own workshop for jewellery repairs. We have a full time stone setter and jeweller on hand to deal with all our stone setting and repair requirements. We feel this service gives our customers confidence and reassurance in leaving their treasured valuables with us. All repairs are logged into our state of the art computerised repair ticket system so that we have a log of where every item is at any given time. This improves our service to you.

Watch Repairs
All watch repairs are logged into our computerised ticketing system so that we have a track of where a watch is at any given time. We have our own Watch Repair Centre or watches can be returned to the manufacturer if they are under guarantee  for repair work. We replace batteries and straps while you wait. Glass replacements and movement replacements are done by our watchmaker.

Repair Guarantee
We have undertaken to guarantee all our repairs which gives you peace of mind.

Insurance Valuations
We can offer you a valuation service by a registered valuer which is the best way of valuing your jewellery. With this service your jewellery will be photographed, tested and logged onto your very own manual and CD of your jewellery inventory. Hallmarks are photographed, metal is tested, diamonds are examined so as to detail their exact colour, clarity and cut and this service supports any claim you may have with any insurance company after a robbery. We highly recommend this service and it is only after a misfortunate event such as a robbery, that the importance of detailing your jewellery items becomes apparent.

Post Loss
If you have had a robbery and you need a list of jewellery and its value estimated, please call to Gerry Browne Jewellers who will help you with this matter.
Probate Valuation
A value may need to be put on jewellery belonging to a deceased person before it is divided out among family or sold.

Pre Robbery Advice
Unfortunately we have seen a rise in the amount of jewellery robberies taking place in the last few years. Most people have their jewellery covered on their insurance policies and think that everything will be covered if jewellery is stolen. However, this is not the case in our experience.  After a robbery an insurance company will be asking you to list out in detail the items you had and their value. You will need the help of a jeweller to do this as you will not know what your items will cost to replace. At this point you will be asked to prove what you had was gold (by receipts, certificates, insurance valuations) which you may not have in your possession at that point.  You will not be rewarded for 18ct gold or diamonds for example unless you had a previous valuation done to prove it was what you say it was. This service is charged for by jewellers and our advice is to spend the money before a robbery and have an expert valuation done which includes an insurance report where you can then get all your jewellery covered correctly. There are no hard questions then after a robbery has taken place as you have all the correct documentation to deal with the insurance company.

Keep all receipts of purchases for jewellery and watch items
If you can have a detailed expert jewellery valuation done ? this will save you money in the end
Keep certificates in a safe place separate from your jewellery box
Take out ?All Risks? policy on your jewellery

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