7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Engagement rings come in an array of styles, from a traditional trilogy ring to the solitaire, halo and coloured gemstone variations. At Gerry Brownes we pride ourselves in having the perfect engagement ring for every taste. Below are some great tips for finding your perfect Engagement Ring.

1 Cost

Before you start, it is important to set your budget. Diamond engagement rings vary largely in price, knowing your budget will narrow down your search. A general rule of thumb would be to spend two months salary on the ring. Of course, this is a personal decision and completely up to the buyer.

2 Metal Type

What is your soon-to-be fiancé already wearing?

From gold to palladium, platinum to titanium, tungsten to sterling silver, there’s a metal for everyone—and their budget!


Gold is the most common and classic choice for wedding and engagement rings—and for good reason.


Known to be one of the rarest metals in the world, platinum is not only a luxe choice, but it’s also one of the strongest precious metals.

While it’s one of the most expensive metal choices, the longevity of its wear makes it worth the high cost. Platinum bands rarely get damaged in everyday life


Palladium is similar to platinum and growing in popularity, it features a white hue and shiny finish. While it’s not quite as durable, it’s pretty close and still ideal for anyone with an active lifestyle who wants that mirror-like finish. Extra bonus? It’s lightweight, comfortable, and hypoallergenic.

Sterling Silver

Once considered more valuable than gold, silver is one of the longest-standing precious metals used in making jewellry. It’s also the most affordable of all in today’s market.

3 The Shape

There are many different shapes to choose from, Pear, Emerald CutPrincess Cut and Round Brilliant are just a few examples. As mentioned, Round Brilliants tend to be the most popular choice. Classic, elegant and timeless it is easy to see why. But for those looking for something a little different the Princess Cut is a great option. For lovers of all things Vintage, a Pear or Emerald Cut ring would be an excellent choice.

4 Gemstones

One of the most famous engagement rings is the Sapphire Cluster given to Princess Diana, now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge Kate. Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds are not to be forgotten when considering an engagement ring. These beautiful vibrant stones are favoured by many and offer a striking alternative to Diamonds.

5 Consider Your Wedding Ring

Some engagement ring styles are simply stunning worn alone! However it is important to remember a wedding ring will be added at a later stage. Make sure you are happy with your choice and that the ring does in fact suit a second ring. Some styles will have wedding rings made to match. It is important to discuss when buying the Engagement Ring.

6 Get Measured

Whether buying for your fiancé as a surprise proposal or shopping together, it is vital to get the size right. Too loose and the ring will spin, too tight and it will be uncomfortable. Be sure to get measured. For tips on sizing read our ring size guide.

7 Diamonds Are Forever

A Diamond Engagement ring is for life. Therefore, it is important to buy what you love rather than what is in fashion. Don’t get caught up in current trends when choosing your forever ring.

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