Everything You Need To Know About Ring Sizes and Ring Size Conversions

How frustrating is it to have found that beautiful ring for your loved one and then realize that you don’t know the correct finger size.  Have you just bought a ring abroad and have been told that it can’t be sized by your local jeweller?  Maybe you have inherited jewellery and are nervous about tampering with an heirloom but would love it sized to fit you.  There are an awful lot of problems out there when it comes to ring sizing and we hope when you finish reading this A-Z of all we know at Gerry Browne Jewellers, we hope to make your job much much easier and enjoyable.  As it should be.

 How To Choose The Right Ring Size

Choosing the style of a ring can be a major task in its own right and there are many things you may have to consider e.g. metal colour and if it has stones or no stones.   These are considered the most important steps when choosing a ring. Once the style has been chosen and the metal colour decided, the next big question is what size is required.  This can be a huge stumbling block when it gets to this stage of the purchase and can, more often than not, lead to you abandoning that great idea you started out with.

Here we hope to give you some tips which will help you on your way.

Does The Person You Are Buying For, Have Rings Already?

This may seem obvious but this can be a great starting point.  If you could take a ring from your partners jewellery box and bring it to your local jeweller, they will slide it up the ring stick and confirm the size you need.  This is a good indication but can sometimes be one size out, up or down, for a few different reasons.   Why?  Some rings are thicker than others and therefore a wide ring would be needed in a bigger size than a skinny one.

Have Help – Can a Family Member Help?

Can you round up some help.  Can a family member casually talk about rings and suggest they try on one anothers rings – swap & take note of size.  This way your friend will be able to come with you and get a ring to fit exactly how the swapped ring fitted.

Online Help

If you search the web, sometimes you will find a chart of circles with a size attached to each circle.  You can hold the ring at home up to the screen and match up the sizes.  These are not always accurate so unless you are sure that the chart is a good one, don’t use this system.  If you know that your own ring is an R and you line up your own ring to the R on the screen, if they match you know this is a good chart.  Then go get a ring at home and match it to the screen.  Just be cautious, as not all charts are downloaded in the correct format to match. It may work better to print the size chart, for accuracy.    Always check your own or a friends size with this system first.  

Plastic Ring Sizers

Some jewellers give out a plastic strip with sizes written on it.  When pulled around the persons finger one can tell by where the pully stops, what size the finger is.  As jewellers, we have found that again this is not an exact science and can be one or two sizes out. This is due to the face that some people tighten too much and others measure very loosely.  This is useful as an indication but still not guaranteed and would of course have to fitted on the persons finger for whom you are buying the ring for.  This defeats the element of surprise.

Best Option

Take advice from your jeweller and buy a ring which can be sized later.  Estimate whether you need a large, small or medium sized ring and your jeweller will know what size to recommend to you, given this snippet of information.  Then, make sure that the design you choose, can be sized up or down.  Lots of engagement rings look amazing, but when it comes to adjusting them, even later in your married life, it is not always possible to do.  Our best suggestion, is buy flexibility.  Again, if you choose a style which cannot be sized, and it doesn’t fit after proposing, sometimes it can take the jeweller up to 8 weeks to replace this ring in the correct size.  The newly engaged couple are not always best pleased when they have no ring to show for their big announcement.  Seek and listen to the experts.

Ring Conversion Charts

Now lets get down to talking about actual ring sizes.  This can be a minefield and we hope to make it easy for you. In Ireland and UK we use the alphabet for sizing rings e.g.   J, K, L, M, with I, J, K at the small end of the scale for ladies and P, Q, R, and S at the upper end.   Men generally start at R and can go up into Z, Z+1 and so on.  What can make ring sizing confusing is that Italy, Europe and USA have different systems.  Some Europeans have  50, 52, 54, 56 etc,   USA have  6,7,8,9 and then some countries have 15, 16, 17, 18.  We will make this easier for you by providing a conversion chart so you can cross reference the different sizes and here it is :

Ireland & UK Size Chart

See below all  ring sizes on one page.   Note that the first coloum represents Irish sizes, where M would be a middle, most popular size for ladies and U or V, would be the most popular for men.  Now you can see how to convert the size of a ring from the US or Europe –  as all the equivalent sizes are now on the same line.   So, if you know your partner takes a J in Ireland/UK, well then see now that their European Size is 48 and their US Size is 4 1/2.



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