Pearls – Why They Can Always Be Relied Upon

Did you ever look at an old string of pearls, maybe belonging to your Grandmother, and just wonder what is the full story behind them.  Sometimes you are told the story and other times you have to imagine it.  That is the magical power that pearls have over us.  This beautiful gemstone encourages us to dream and tap into long lost memories.  Immune to fashion trends, the pearl has remained one of the most popular organic gemstones in the world.

What is it about Pearls?

Think of any special occasion and automatically you will think of pearls.  When all else fails, the pearl never does.  Pearls symbolize wisdom acquired through experience. They are believed to attract wealth and luck as well as offer protection. Known for their calming effect, pearls can balance one’s karma, strengthen relationships, and keep children safe. The pearl is also said to symbolize the purity, generosity, integrity, and loyalty of its wearer.

Ancient Japanese thought pearls were created by mystical tears of angels.  Pearls are not for tears.  That is often a misquoted term.  Often used for brides and the entire wedding party, we couldn’t think of a more beautiful gem to talk about.

Pearls Explained

There are many types of pearls in the market place and it can often get quite confusing for you.  Originally there was the natural pearl but they are now very rare and the cultured pearl has catered for the huge demand there is in the world for all kinds of pearls.  The best pearls are Akoya cultured pearls from salt water and generally there is only one pearl per oyster harvested.  This gives the oyster time to coat the pearl over and over again with nacre, which creates the beautiful luster of a pearl.  The longer the pearl stays inside the oyster, the more beautiful it becomes.   These are generally from Japan.

The Chinese then developed a method of growing many pearls in each mussel and while these are still cultured pearls they are generally not as expensive as the Japanese Akoya pearl.  The Chinese versions are called ‘freshwater pearls’ and there can be up to 30 in each mussel.  They are generally peach and pink coloured and not as completely rounded as the Akoya pearl.  The more rounded and the greater the lustre, the more expensive the pearl.  Some pearls are man made and look like real pearls.  There are some very good imitations on the market.  The advantage of these can be their uniformity.  Some people like all the pearls to look the same and this can be done with affordable imitation pearls  To get a string of uniform round cultured pearls with a beautiful lustre, can be sometimes a little expensive but worth it.   A string of this quality would be an investment for life.

Why Wear Pearls

Pearls enhance any or all outfits.  The pearl adds a glow to the bride that no other gemstone can do.  We have seen coloured pearls look absolutely stunning on many Mother of the Brides.  The simple single pearl pendant has complemented bridesmaids necklines for decades in an understated elegant way.  We all remember Princess Diana’s stunning pearl choker teamed with many an evening gown.   The little black number has always looked its best with a beautiful collar length large string of ivory pearls.

Pearls are the birthstone for anyone born in June.  Remember, pearls come in all shapes, sizes and colours with the grey Tahitian pearls being the most sought after.  Some pearls are dyed to match the in season colour and this does not effect their stunning looks.   We stock grey, peach, pink and mixed pearls.  Sometimes we stock unusual shaped pearls called Keshi and these are natures accident.  But a happy accident.  The oyster does not manage to get the pearl into the round shape and these pearls make beautiful necklaces and earrings.

Take out your pearls and rub them down with a soft damp cloth and start to enjoy them again.  Every so often have them restrung as the silk thread can rot over the years and sometimes the string might lengthen.

Visit our pearl bar and choose a loose string of pearls and have them custom made to a length of your choosing.  We would love to show you our Tahitian pearls, Akoya pearls and many more.


Pearls - Why They Can Always Be Relied Upon
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Pearls - Why They Can Always Be Relied Upon
Did you ever look at an old string of pearls, maybe belonging to your Grandmother, and just wonder what is the full story behind them.
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Gerry Browne Jewellers

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