Sustainability: Eco-friendly jewellery packaging

“Diamonds are forever” – and they should be! but that doesn’t mean everything else should be. Sustainability and being kinder to the earth is an urgent issue for our world today. Here at Gerry Browne Jewellers we have set about saving the planet. 

We have started the journey of change, where we are, bit by bit, getting rid of plastic, in our business.  This is a project, that will not happen overnight, but we are now starting to think about our every move.  This year, we are gradually changing over our jewellery gift boxes to ECO Friendly packaging FSC*C112509.  We have removed plastic bubble wrap from our online deliveries and we only use corrugated cardboard wrap instead.  We recycle all our cardboard from our many deliveries and are working to remove the laminate finish on our gift bags, so that they are paper only. 

We are asking all our suppliers, not to put plastic in any of our deliveries and to maybe consider changing over the branded jewellery gift boxes to Eco Friendly. 

If we can do it, so can they.  On top of that, Gerry has been cycling his Eco Bike to work the odd day and will resume, when the Spring returns.

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