Wear Jewellery That Defines Who You Really Are

Why don’t you give it a go.  Express yourself and try not to be a dedicated follower of fashion.  You are a very unique person so why try to look like everybody else?  We urge you to reveal your true personality and style and show the world who you really are.   You will be amazed at the reaction.

What Does Your Jewellery Say About You

Your jewellery can most definitely make a huge statement about who you are.  Are you a flamboyant character who loves colour and loud statement pieces or do you like to go unnoticed in the crowd and blend in.  Maybe you value handmade once off unusual things or perhaps you love the brand new look of the season.  There is also a lot of tradition attached to jewellery and some styles have been around for decades and maybe even passed from generation to generation.  This creates provenance and sentimentality to old beautiful heirlooms.  Without even knowing it you may be dressing in a style to suit what jewellery you already have.  Did you ever think of buying your jewellery first and then the outfit???

Jewellery Has Personality

Certain pieces of jewellery are associated with certain personalities but jewellery has its own personality.   I’m sure you have all heard of  the person who likes the dainty ring because they have a dainty hand and does not like big showy off things in general.  This theory will apply to everything that person does, whether its choosing a kitchen or fabric for curtains.  The rule of thumb here will always be ‘ I like things plain and simple’.  That’s one side of jewellery’s personality.  Plain and simple jewellery is probably the most popular and suits everybody.  People feel safer buying this style of jewellery for gifts as it can be very difficult to buy from another category which is exotic, flamboyant and colourful.  Did you ever look at jewellery and think of the sea?  Did you ever look at a vintage ring and think back to what life was like when that ring was first made?  Jewellery can make us feel young, old, sad, happy and rejuvenated.  It holds a magic power over us at times like when we ‘never take off that wedding ring’ or want to wear the same locket everyday because it had a special meaning.  It marks many special occasions like no other gift and lasts a lifetime, becoming part of the family.

Express Yourself and Have Fun

We think the time is now to have fun with jewellery.  There are no more ‘having tos’.  Our advice is go for it and push your own limits passed where they have been for a long time.  Try and remember the last time you admired something on a friend or acquaintance.  What made it catch your eye?  Was it something you admired but said that it would never suit you?  Its time now to turn your notions upside down and give it a go.  Give it a go with something you never dreamed of wearing.  Be daring.  See will something catch your eye and then imagine how it would look if you dressed it up in your imagination.  This is where all great ideas start.  Just imagine if you bought this piece and shopped for a backdrop outfit, what the worse thing that can happen?  Give your outfits the WOW factor and not just the nice touch.  Some people have a taste for ethnic style jewellery and can team it brilliantly with how they dress.  Lovers of pearls usually love the cashmere jumpers and wear them with a style and panache that would make us all want them.  Others adore handmade one off pieces of jewellery which become great talking points.   Forget about being a slave to fashion.  Some of the most eye catching items have been worn by people who are brave enough to give it a go.  This is the fun side of dressing up.  Tip toeing out of the comfort zone and trespassing into places which were previously ‘out of bounds’, is really great fun.  Clothes and jewellery are made to have fun with.  If you haven’t found the fun side yet, keep trying.  Its out there for you.

What Suits My Dress?

A lot of people get an idea what style jewellery they want to wear with an outfit whether it suits them or not.  Don’ t make this mistake.  Our top tip is shop with an open mind.  Give everything a go and don’t dismiss things too quickly.  You may not like the look of something but you may be looking at it out of context.  Be daring and try a diverse selection of styles. You will amaze yourself.  Also be happy with some help and this will help challenge your old ideas and help to bring in some new ones.  Consider looking in a jewellery store for that special piece before you go dress shopping as it may help to inspire your choice of outfit in the end.

More importantly, have fun!!

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